B/A/D TALKS: A community effort that encourages engagement and conversation among builders, architects, and designers. Each event will include a compelling and compact talk with Kyle Hoepner as moderator along with panelists who are leaders both in our industry and beyond. Transformational, inspirational, engaging talks accompanied by delicious appetizers and beverages. view site >>

The idea for B/A/D talks grew out of a simple observation that professional networking events contain a frustrating feature: participants often have to sacrifice complete conversations in order to maintain the quantity of connections offered by our large community of builders, architects, and designers. John Kilfoyle of United Marble Fabricators and Paul Reidt and Linda Kochman of KR+H Cabinetmakers developed B/A/D Talks to provide our community with a forum for shared interests and an opportunity to have full conversations in a non-commercial setting. We sought the skills of an editor and journalist to facilitate our topical conversations and Kyle Hoepner, Editor, New England Home, kindly accepted the role of moderator of  B/A/D Talks.