"In Pursuit of the Perfectly Passive"

Photo by Tony Cenicola/The New York TImes

Photo by Tony Cenicola/The New York TImes

Our friends at BarlisWedlick Architects emailed to let us know an article on Dennis Wedlick was in the Thursday Home Section of The New York Times.

The article, "In Pursuit of the Perfectly Passive, by Anne Raver, is an informative look at passive houses revealed through the charming personal story of how "two guys from the city," Dennis and his life partner, Curt DeVito, purchased an 11-acre property of "old farm fields and woodland" some 25 years ago (with the help of their parents); how they then built a small 1,000-square-foot, passive-solar cottage on the land; and how over time the tall pines, the meadow and the turkeys, the frogs and the Cattails of this beloved home have informed their lives and Dennis Wedlick's sustainable architecture.

Along with the article, there is an engaging slideshow of sixteen photos of the home's interiors and exteriors. You can see it at:


Dennis also has a book out this summer, Classic & Modern: Signature Styles. (See our July 9th, 2013 blog post.)