Narrative Architecture: the human element

Narrative Architecture was the topic of engaging conversation at the B/A/D Talks (Builders/Architects/Designers) community event last week. Photos and story to come!

Narrative Architecture is a concept that inspires us. We came across the following definition that we think offers a glimpse of the enduring, engaging qualities offered by narrative architecture:

"In architecture, narrative prioritizes human experiences and the need to shape them into stories. It places the emphasis on a building's meaning. [...]Rather than reducing architecture to a mere style or an overt emphasis on technology, it foregrounds how buildings are experienced." -excerpt from the book Narrative Architecture by Nigel Coates.

We think the home shown above is a notable example of narrative architecture. Photo: Michael J. Lee / Architect: Ruth Bennett, RBA Architecture / Designer: Susan B. Acton. Link to New England Home Magazine's story: His, Hers and Theirs.