KR+H in H+ Magazine

As we were writing on our blog "A New Website, A Great Experience," telling of the wonderful collaboration on the creation of our new website, Hacin + Associates published their second issue of H+ Magazine, Summer 2015, which includes a feature article in which they, too, celebrate collaboration:

H+A designers talk about our fellowship and collaboration with talented artisans and makers of all kinds.
— H+ Magazine, Summer 2015

H+ Magazine's feature article, "The Makers," highlights four custom fabricators, including KR+H!

KR+H's Karla Monkevich, H+A Designer Eduardo Serrate, and KR+H's Paul Reidt in our shop.

In addition to KR+H, H+A designers pay homage to Artaic, Stone Soup Concrete, and Bartek Konieczny. We're in good company!

In the realm of design, fabrication, and construction, combining new technologies with long established traditions and a high level of craftsmanship can push boundaries and yield incredible results. At H+A, this philosophy often carries through to the smallest detail, especially as we design the human-scale components that our clients will interact with on a daily basis. It is for this reason that our relationships with fabricators are so important to us. We value design that emerges from a true collaboration between designer and craftsman, and we thus seek out partners who similarly value good design and embrace the technologies that facilitate new solutions to familiar problems.
— H+ Magazine, intro, Why Makers Matter -by Darien Fortier

H+ Magazine reflects what the design team at Hacin + Associates "loves about design, graphics, food, photography, and the people who influence us." Read thier current issue online. We're sure you'll enjoy it!

Thank you to Hacin + Associates, designer Eduardo Serrate, and creative director Emily Neuman. We at KR+H are delighted with our long standing relationship with H+A. We are inspired by your "design for people...people and dogs."