Earlier this summer, Paul received an email from KR+H client Allen Berry that included a pdf of the feature article in Cape Cod Home's summer issue about his family's Cuttyhunk home.

"Living at Land's End" gives a look inside this extraordinary home and the incredible community, talents and dedication involved in bringing it to rest on one of the highest points of Cuttyhunk, the outermost of the Elizabeth Islands in Massachusetts.

But there's even more to this already great story of a remote island home well built by caring and skilled people. For with caring and skill Allen Berry moved from KR+H client to KR+H guardian angel (as he is affectionately called). Allen came voluntarily to our rescue as we came uncomfortably close to sliding off our "land's end" and being lost in the storm of the looming fiscal crises of 2008.

As an advisor to us during tough economic times, Allen was spectacular. He was smart. He knew what to do. He engaged with us in such an open and generous way.
— Paul Reidt

When Allen emailed Paul the pdf of Cape Cod Home's article, he wrote, "I had them add a paragraph about KR+H. I hope you're well. I'm out on the island for the rest of the summer probably. I'll give you a jingle here and there. Don't hesitate to call however."

Paul reflects, "We went through a pretty intense process in the making of the Berry's Cuttyhunk home, and it lead to a degree of mutual understanding that's unusual. It's like you spend two years in therapy with somebody. Homeowner's share intimate stories. If you want your life to be supported properly you have to tell those stories. And once you've told them, the person you're working with knows you very well. It's a relationship that can grow into something way more then a service relationship. And that's what happened.

"Allen made sure there was ample attention given to us, the builder and the architect [in the article appearing in Cape Cod Home.]. He and Sarah wanted to story to be about the contributors to their home on Cuttyhunk, including the community on the island."

Allen continues to be an active mentor to KR+H. He often attends our monthly meetings to review financials and discuss the full spectrum of running our business. I got a call from him at 7:45 yesterday morning, a not infrequent conversation where we debate issues and generate ideas. Every conversation leaves me enriched by his business acumen.
— Paul Reidt


To Allen Berry, our guardian angel, from all of us at KR+H: THANK YOU for so generously believing in our company and offering your wisdom and kindness to us.

Allen Berry with KR+H's Karla Monkevich, Paul Reidt, Jim Kochman, and Alan Haigh.