KR+H at ABX, November 14-16, Boston Convention and Exhibition Center

KR+H at ABX, November 14-16, Boston Convention and Exhibition Center

KR+H has enjoyed many years of working closely with architects, designers, and builders in New England to create custom cabinets, fine furniture, and millwork.

This collaborative spirit is why we look forward to exhibiting at ABX: ArchitectureBoston Expo, November 14-16, at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. It's a great way to connect and reconnect with our professional colleagues.

Here are two quotes we'd like to share with you from the video, ABX President's Welcome:

"ABX is a new name for a really great tradition in Boston, where all members of the building industry come together."-Laura Wernick, AIA, BSA President; Senior Principal, HMFH Architects, Inc.

"Architecture isn't just a profession. It isn't just one industry segment, but it is a community. And this is where we get to meet up again every year." -Mike Davis, FAIA, BSA President Elect; Principal, Bergmeyer Associates, Inc.

CRAN Symposium: Inspiring Talk

After a busy week, two of our intrepid partners, Karla and Paul, set sail on Saturday (via car) for Newport, RI. Their sights were set on a full day of lectures by architects at the CRAN Symposium. CRAN, the Custom Residential Architects Network, is a knowledge community of AIA, the American Institute of Architects.

Being among minds that share a focus in design coupled with the conference bringing together nationally-esteemed architects created fertile grounds for inspiration. Three speakers made Paul's and Karla's 'most captivating' list.

Gary Brewer, a principal of Robert A.M. Stern Architects, an internationally recognized firm, said their custom residential work includes "patron style" (palatial homes), to homes with more modest square footage, to home plans. Gary's long list of accomplishments in architecture include the 1994 Life magazine Dream House. Bringing good design to smaller budgets, it has sold over 3,000 plans. Gary's firm is committed to looking at the patterns of style, the built environment, and the people who live there as a whole.

Michael Imber, AIA, came from San Antonio to speak. Michael's architecture reflects his belief that "craft, materials, and the process of classic design complement our modern lifestyles." Paul and Karla appreciated Michael's process and his work.

Mark Hutker, AIA, talked about "the art and practice of marketing." His talk brought to life the core ideas: Create a company culture (every person is in marketing!); offer great work, service, and engagement in everything you do; and create a company community. Mark's enthusiastic, thoughtful, and design-mind approach to his work spills over into his marketing practice and offers all the right stuff. Mark is inspired by Simon Sinek's book, Start With Why, and we found a TedTalk of Simon's, "How Great Leaders Inspire Action." It's on the 'most viewed' list at TedTalks with today's count at over 6.9 million.

As of this writing, the CRAN Symposium website says that "presentation materials and recorded video from the 2012 CRAN Symposium are being processed and will be posted soon!"