Residential Architect: Will Bruder video

"I realized that [residential] architecture is about the creation of memories. Memories are about lives. And the house is sort of the hearth of those memories. And I find it an intriguing scale and purpose to a house that is elemental." - Will Bruder, Architect; Will Bruder + PARTNERS Ltd.

Professionals know Residential Architect as the magazine of The American Institute of Architects. And homeowners might appreciate exploring this insider's view online. We recently were engaged by RA's online value of residential architect video series. RA has launched their series with two videos: one is a genuine talk by two emerging architects, and the other video features "Hall of Fame" architect Will Bruder. Mr. Bruder has the advantage of decades of immersion in successful architecture in forms extending from commercial to cultural to residential. He is an uplifting speaker, and you know you are listening to an enriched mind. In six generous minutes Will Bruder reminds us of the "poetry and pragmatism" that exists in residential architecture, and he offers a valuable model for the relationship between occupant and architect. It is a relationship that can raise our belief in what is possible. You can watch Will Bruder's video here: residential architect video series. Also available is Bruce Snider's lively profile of Will Bruder: "Hall of Fame: Will Bruder, AIA."