In addition to exceptional capabilities in the craft of cabinetmaking, KR+H offers an advantage few shops of our kind can claim: impressive expertise in design. 


The KR+H team includes three trained architects, an unusual asset for a partnership of cabinetmakers—and a valuable one. Over three decades, our staff has developed designs for hundreds of kitchens and other interior spaces, each one unique, each offering useful lessons. If the 10,000-hour rule is valid, we have earned our claim to mastery many times over.

Dialog and Discovery

At KR+H, design staff members work with craftspeople and installers to see each project through to completion. In other settings, the designer’s role ends with sign-off on plans. Here, we have the privilege, every day, to see our ideas take shape in our shop. Each time, we gain insight into what works well and what could work better. We put that experience to work for you.


Often KR+H lends expertise to homeowners or builders who need a design partner for their project. And we also team up on projects where an architect or interior designer is already engaged. They bring an overall vision or plan. We extend that vision into the details of a functional kitchen or any space requiring detailed millwork.

The Value to Your Project

Put simply, beautiful workmanship doesn’t mean much without the right design. A great kitchen, library, or family room is only really great if it works as part of your house and your life. This is what design is all about.