At KR+H, we design and build cabinets to suit our customers’ individual needs, tastes, and spaces. It’s true that some high-end manufacturers sell beautiful products, but we believe there are nonetheless excellent reasons to consider cabinetry that is truly custom. Here are five:

1) A Perfect Fit for YouR Room

Most cabinet systems can offer a configuration to fit most rooms—almost, and with certain constraints on the types of modules you choose. But why constrain? Why not choose exactly the cabinets you want and have them fit your space exactly?

2) Uniquely Your Own

See something in a catalog that you love? Great. We can make that style the starting point for something you will love even more. We can adapt motifs from the architecture of your house or objects you treasure. We can create a design that goes beyond “the kind of look” you like.


We’ve made a niche in an island for a dog’s water bowl and a perch on a cornice for a favorite gargoyle. Is there some touch we can add to your kitchen, library, or media center that will bring you a bit of joy every time you see it? We’re pretty sure there is.

4) Competitive Cost

Although you can buy off-the-shelf cabinets for far less than custom cabinets, the chances are good that these are not the cabinets you are considering. If you are looking at the high-end European brands you see in design magazines, you may be looking at essentially the same cost as custom.

5) The Reason You Can’t Foresee

At some point in your project, a great new idea or an unwanted complication will arise. We will be ready to help. We are here to respond to every surprise bump and wonderful “what-if”—either with a solid work-around or an even better “what-if”? That’s custom.